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Weight Loss with hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone)

Want to loss over 50 lb? We can help!

hCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a protein hormone that is naturally produced in a woman's body during pregnancy at extremely high levels without negative side effects. For years it has been used mainly for fertility and other hormonal issues.

Research has shown that HCG combined with a healthy low calorie diet and moderate exercise will help the body burn stored body fat and assist in weight loss. There are many positive and healthy benefits to using HCG. There are known facts that HCG will cause people to have more energy without feeling nervous, sleep better at night, think more clearly and feel less irritable. The side effects are minimal and may include mild headaches, edema and breast tenderness.


HCG can be used in both men and women. With a HCG treatment you can achieve fantastic results. After a 23 day treatment women have lost an average of between 8 and 10% of their body weight and men 10 to 12%!

If your goal is to lose up to 50 lb or more, hCH weight loss treatment is always the successful and promising treatment avalible nowaday.

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