Human Growth Hormone              

Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome.

After the age of 25 , your natural production of human growth hormone would start to decline.
These are the symptoms which may suggest adult human growth hormone deficiency :
1) My hair is thinning.
2) My cheeks sag.
3) My gums are receding.
4) My abdomen is flabby/I’ve got a “spare tire”.
5) My muscles are slack.
6) My skin is thin or dry.
7) It is hard to recover after physical activity.
8) I feel exhausted.
9) I don’t feel like the world. I tend to isolate myself.
10) I don’t have any libido.
11) I feel continuously anxious and worried.

The benefits of replacing human growth hormone in patient with adult human growth hormone deficiency includes:

1) More energy, improve stamina.
2) Improved sleep quality.
3) Increase sex drive, enhance sexual function.
4) Improved muscle tone, decrease body fat.
5) Improved mental sharpness , concentration and memory.
6) Reduction of wrinkles, decrease cellulite.

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