Calf Reduction              

Calf reduction with Botox injection

Thick muscular legs are a common aesthetic problem for women. Some people use a term called “radish-like leg” to describe the problem. Women with “radish-like legs” look shorter or more obese than they really are because of their thick legs. They are embarrassed to show their legs even in the summer time. Many men feel that thin legs are an important point of attraction second only to the breast. The cause of “radish-like legs” in women is more often calf muscle hypertrophy (excessive development), instead of fact accumulation. This is different from enlarged abdomen, buttocks, and thigh, which is often due to increased fat accumulation and can therefore be effectively treated with liposuction. However, liposuction is ineffective to deal with calf muscle hypertrophy because the problem is the muscle, not the fat.

Because the muscle is quite large, a lot of the medication is needed each time. But the good news is that after 3-5 sessions at about 2 months apart, the muscle is "permanently" shrunk.

"Permanent" in the sense that only a touch-up every couple of years is needed.


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