Sculptra   Bio-identical Hormone   Thermage
Mesotherapy is able to reduce fat in : Arms, Thighs, Abdoments, Love Handles, Double Chins, Mesotherapy is proven to be an effective treatment to "Cellulite"...<more>
  Sculptra or "Liquid Face Lift" is a FDA approved injection to improve sunken cheek and temporal area without surgery... <more>   When you reach your 30’s , your male or female hormones level started to decline. You start feeling old, tired and fatigue , lack of energy and lack of sex drive.....<more>

  Thermage facelift is for skin tightening without surgery...<more>

Acne Treatment   Jawline Reduction   BOTOX®/Restalyne/ JUVEDERM™   Laser Hair Removal
Acne is caused by "P Acne" bacteria reside in sebacous glands, prolonged acne problem might cause the irreversible acne scar problem....<more>
  Redefine facial outline or facial slimming with Mesotherapy or Botox injection within 20 minutes, no surgery required....<more>   BOTOX® and Restalyne are the FDA-approved treatments for the temporary reduction of frown lines and nasolibial folds...<more>

  Imagine having your unwanted hair, and spider veins disappear with a flash of light...<more>

IPL / Fotofacial   Calf Reduction   Permanent Filler/ ArteFill   Need to Loss 50 lbs
Fine wrinkling, freckling and irregular pigmentation treatment using IPL and DNA Stem Cell to reach the goal of facial rejuvenation...<more>
  Calf reduction with Botox injection... <more>

  ArteFill is the first and only FDA-approved non-resorbable wrinkle filler for the correction of smile lines...<more>
  We can help you to loss over 50 lb or more... <more>

Contour Threadlift   Medical Weight Loss / Thermogenic Diet   Laser Tattoo Removal   Leg Veins Therapy/ Sclerotherapy
" Contour Threadlift " can tighten the subcutaneous tissues as well as the overlying skin while down time and invasion is very minimal, as seen on "Oprah Show"<more>

  Patient who is eligible for our medical weight loss program would be prescribed with a cocktail medication... <more>   Using Laser to remove tattoo on any body part...<more>
  Sclerotherapy uses an injection of a medication into a varicose vein to damage and scar the inside lining of the vein. This causes the vein to close. ...<more>

Laser Lipo/Laser Tight   Laser Eye Bag Removal   Excessive Under-Arm Sweating   Human Growth Hormone Therapy
Laser Lipo /Laser tight is the most advance laser that vaporizes fat by using a tiny laser tip probe that dissolves fat without the need to perform painful suctioning.<more>

  Melt your eye bags in just 10 minutes with minimal down time... <more>   Laser Lipo can permanently treat excessive sweating in your arm pit....<more>
  After the age of 25 , your natural production of human growth hormone would start to decline... <more>
Silhouette-Lift   Fraxel        
The most latest 1 time Lunch-time face-lift procedure, click here to view the video.<more>

  Fraxel is a FDA approved, non-invasive laser skin treatment that removes wrinkles, acne scars<more>  

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